Mom’s Hands

Now Mom is like royalty at the family gatherings and the grandkids bring her a plate of food (usually too much because she eats like a bird). Dad doesn’t change the oil anymore because it’s just easier to get it done at Walmart. Roles slowly start to change; Mom leans on me now, when we go on walks.

Myth #2: I don’t need Medi-Cal because Medicare will cover my expenses

So, as long as I get Medicare and maybe even buy an extra Medi-gap policy (technically it’s called “Medicare Supplemental Insurance”) I should be “ALL SET” right?


Shocking isn’t it? Medi-gap policies vary in type and amount, but they basically will only cover the same services that Medicare cover. So, if Medicare won’t pay, Medigap won’t pay either. ??? I know, it sounds like false advertising.

What exactly IS elder law?

Lawyer that Focuses on Elder Issues When I get asked this question, the easiest way to answer this is by analogy.  In medicine, you’ve got doctors that specialize by the

Medi-Cal for the Middle … is it ethical to apply?

Most people think of Medicaid (called “Medi-Cal” in California) as government health insurance for the poor.  Which, in very rough terms, is a true but incomplete understanding.  Medi-Cal is federal-state