Do you only work with international nonprofits or do you also work with with regular domestic nonprofits too?

Most of my experience is working with private operating foundations that have international programs and grantees.  These grantees usually had an affiliated public charities or churches back home in the U.S. So, I worked with the affiliated charities here in the U.S. as well. However, I am not currently seeking new nonprofit clients (unless you are coming through a referral).

So can my nonprofit hire you or not?

Because, I am currently focusing my practice on elder law, there is small subset of international nonprofit clients I am maintaining or take on if through a referral.

How much do you charge nonprofits?

Generally, my hourly rate is $300/hour. For certain fieldworkers and nonprofits, I reserve the right to give a discount and sometimes I offer flat fees after discussing the legal matter with you.

What do you charge Elder Law clients?

Because I am pursuing a Legal Specialization Certificate from the State Bar of California, there are a certain number and types of cases I must handle to qualify as a certified specialist.  I might even represent you pro bono or at a deep discount.  Currently, I am especially available for conservatorships & trust administrations. But, it really depends on the case (and where I am in my “tally”).  I cannot guarantee that I can take your case, but I will certainly consider it!  We can talk to each other and see if we are good fit – I cannot guarantee that I can take your case, but I will certainly consider it!

Also, I am looking for “real” questions that people have about Elder Law Topics such as: Senior Housing, Medi-Cal, Social Security to write articles on for my blog. Email me your questions and I might feature it (anonymously) in a blog post!  If you have that question, someone else might also have that same question and just be too timid to ask.