I’ve always believed that the industry standard of charging clients by the hour at the excessively high rates of a big law firm (some of my classmate’s charge $600/hour) was a strange oddity and a bit dysfunctional.

It’s like a mechanic charging a painfully high hourly rate to fix your car. I usually feel completely at his mercy because the car engine is a total mystery to me and I have to just trust that he’s not dilly dallying or messing around with other things. The incentive structure is wacky and rewards inefficiency. From your perspective (the client), it is a black hole of unpredictability.

I believe that my clients would like to pay me fairly for what I do, but would prefer not to feel as if they just signed a blank check for me to handle issues.

So, I always discuss pricing in detail, in advance. You will receive responsive, effective counsel at a reasonable cost with no surprises. Because each case is unique and because I am offering deep discounts for certain types of Elder Law cases until January 31, 2020 the best way to find out is to set up an appointment to discuss your case with me. After we talk, I will send an email with a quote within 2 business days, valid for the next 2 weeks and you can decide from the comfort of your own home, what you would like to do.